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As a user of Who Goes, you can be the Administrator of Groups and a Member of other Groups.

As the Administrator, you select the rules of the group, the date(s) and who is invited to be a member of the group. You will be able to email your group members. You will be able to invite all or selected members to particiate on any selected date. Your members will be able to accept or decline your invite. This will allow you to know who will be attending each date For events Hosted by a member, the other members will be able to display a map to the location of the hosting member. Rescheduling can be allowed and co-ordinated within Who Goes.

As a Group Administrator, you can add members two ways:
1) Create a Group ID and Password to give to your potential members. They would use these during their Initial Login to join the group.
2) Create the members and create user names and passwords for them. They can then login with their username and password as a member of your group. They would only have to create their security question and answer for use in case they forget their password.

As a Member of a Group, you can at any time request to have your own group created.


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